Are YOU a Shower Sitter??

31 Dec

So, I just recently discovered that people take showers sitting down. Sitting in the shower? Isn’t that like standing in the bath? Why would someone do that?  “Everyone sits in the shower!” My friend, Kelly, argued while we ate dinner at a burger joint. Sitting in the shower had never occurred to me, and I found the idea quite strange. Is it true that everyone sits in the shower? Have I been missing out on something? We turned around and asked the four people sitting in the booth behind us.

“Can we ask you something? Do you sit in the shower?” Two of them, one male and one female, gave us looks as if we were crazy (fully justified, of course) and said definitely not. The second guy said, yes, all the time, and the third guy said yes, but he wanted to make sure I put him down as a “no.” So, that was one shower sitter and three(?) who thought shower sitting was weird. We then went to Home Depot to pick up some art supplies and asked Justin, the friendly guy who works in the electricity department, if he sits in the shower. “No.” He quickly said and then changed the subject.

So far, I was correct: Sitting in the shower is a weird thing to do, but Kelly was determined to convince me that it’s normal. In order to settle our debate once and for all, we decided to take a texting poll of our friends on our cell phones. I sent a text to about 30 people in my contacts list, discriminating against ones that I was too embarrassed to ask. Most answered, although it took a little explaining and prodding for a few of them.

“Often times I stand for long periods of time in the shower,” one friend said, “so I guess if I had a chair, I would sit down.”

Another answered, “No, I am not depressed.” Which I thought was an interesting judgement of shower-sitters.

“Lmafo, did someone say that they do???” a friend in New York City asked.

“Not in THIS shower, but I’ve been known to take a seat a time or two,” said another.

“People pee in the shower!! I don’t want to sit on that!!”

My inquiry got others interested so three of the friends I texted began asking others. Two of them, ones who did not sit in the shower, said that most of their friends don’t sit in the shower either. The third, a proud shower-sitter, said most of her friends do.

All in all, 16 of my friends said no, they have never sat down in the shower. 11, however, said yes, but most used the excuse that they were too drunk or hungover to stand, and they claimed that they did not pop a squat in the shower regularly.

The majority of Kelly’s friends, on the other hand, did sit in the shower on a regular basis. Sitting, they said, is more relaxing and gives you a chance to think and reflect.
The results of our poll made me ask two very important questions: Are there “types” of people that sit or do not sit in the shower? For example, the “type” of people I’m friends with, versus the “type” Kelly is friends with? And second, would I be converted to a shower sitter if I tried it, and did I want to risk the chance of being converted?

The next day, I woke up at 5am to go to a substitute teaching job. Getting up at 5am, as most would probably agree, is not easy, and I was groggy and tired. As I languidly turned on the shower water, I realized, what better time to sit in the shower? So, I did. My first problem was either being in a spot where I wasn’t getting enough water, or the water was spraying directly into my face (a good way to wake me up maybe?). In order to solve the water in the face problem, I turned my back to the shower head, encountering my next problem: I had to sit at the very end of the tub, facing the wall, and there was no room to comfortably fit my legs. Additionally, the hard, curved surface of the tub was not ideal for a comfy seat. As I sat on the floor of the tub, scrunched into a ball, and letting the water run over my head and into my eyes, I decided that getting comfortable while sitting in the shower was too much work, especially when I had to race the clock to get to work on time.
I stood back up.

Now, maybe, I’m biased. I already had strong doubts in my mind before I tried it. And, my legs are unusually long, so maybe someone with normal legs would fit more comfortably. And, maybe people like water in their face. Maybe, I’m just not the type that sits in the shower. But for those of you who are that type of person, I have one thing to say to you: Don’t sit in the shower and think for too long, you are using up a lot of water.


2 Responses to “Are YOU a Shower Sitter??”

  1. Kelly January 1, 2011 at 7:40 pm #

    Lol! U don’t think about sitting, it just happens. Just let it go, accept the water in your face, rest your head on your knees and turn it up hot. U can wash your hair and everything, so it doesn’t have to take up a lot of water, I mean just do yr normal shower ritual sitting down. It may be comparable to jacking off with your left hand or something idk. I love your pick of the shower seat! Oh! And as far as peeing in the shower goes: I am not so much of a shower pee-er. And if u pee in the shaoshao, don’t you rinse it away? Do u use soap after peeing? Pee is sterile when it first comes out anyway, so if it’s rinsed away with water directly after, and then has soap rinsing after that, what are you worried about? Clean your bath tub out if it’s so gross you can’t sit down to shave yr legs or relax people, c’mon.

    • Tyler January 2, 2011 at 11:26 am #

      I love your article. Shower sitting made into a very serious thing. Maybe people that are in a hurry don’t sit in the shower and people that are generally late and take forever to get ready do.

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